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Our Story

My passion begins at home, just like most other breweries. I started home brewing and fell in love with the process and the result. I began learning and adjusting to create my own brews. Some turned out award winning, but others weren’t the greatest. But no matter what, every single one became a part of my journey to bring you my passion. Each beer brewed at Iron Bender Brewing Company has had it’s own journey. I’m proud to bring it to you.

Meet the Team

Here are the people who make this whole thing possible. It’s these great team members who have worked diligently to put everything in it’s place, from the right kind of hops and barley to the refreshing beer in your hands.

Tracy Johancsik


Award Winning Brewer. Brains behind the brews. He seems to know what he’s doing, so we just go with the flow.

Dawn Johancsik

Vice President

Actual brains behind the operation. She kind of knows what she’s doing, so we just step back and let her handle it.

Robert Mancini

Random Guy

Some guy who seems to always have his hands in something, but weirdly it always seems to work.

Lisa Mancini

Wife of Random Guy

Wife of Random Guy. She just shows up. Don’t really know what to do with her, but I suppose it works for now.

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